Summer League 2009

Pool Play:
Tuesdays at 6PM June 23rd -August 4th

SATURDAY August 8th @ Lewis Fields
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Tournament Party Starts @ 7:00

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@ Lewis Fields, Mt. Comfort & Lewis Ave.
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TimeOuts, Points, Caps, Attendance here

Schedule & Results:
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  • 2 games per night
  • Round 1: 6:00 PM
  • Round 2: 7:20 PM

  • Teams:
    List of Teams and Captains here

    2009 Summer League Costs:
    • $5 discount for all players who register online before 5pm Tuesday, June 16th and pay before the first pull
    • $20 = Summer League Fee for CURRENT FDA Members
    • $0 = New Players (must be paid FDA members & have never played in a tournament or in a league)
    • $0 = Out of Area/Tulsa (must be paid FDA members & live more than 60 miles from Fay. city limits)
    All participants Must have current FDA Membership to participate in Leagues.
    FDA Membership is an additional $15, and can be paid at the start of league.

    New for 2009! Members will have the option to pay online through PayPal when they register.

    Register here or under Members in the sidebar
    Click to see the list of who has registered successfully!here
    Dog Rules:
    Dogs MUST be leashed and cleaned-up after.
    FDA members who wish to bring their dogs out to FDA events, which include leagues, pick-up, tournaments, etc, will be required to register their dog with the EC once and will be renewed yearly unless told otherwise not to. Essentially all dog owners will get 2 passes for their dogs, which will be kept up with in a Google document available to the EC. The first complaint from any person about a registered dog, if it�s applicable to safety or public law, for example; off leash, on field, not picking up poop, etc, but not to include a complaint about a dog that barks too much, etc, will result in losing their first pass. The owner will be made aware that a complaint was made and that their first warning pass was revoked. If another incident happens within the calendar year, the 2nd pass will be revoked which will mean that the owner needs to take their dog off the event area and not to bring it back out to an FDA event. The owner can appeal to the EC to get one or both passes renewed. Passes will not be automatically renewed yearly if lost.

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