Summer League 2008

Pool Play:
Tuesdays at 6PM June 24th -August 5th

SATURDAY August 9th
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@ Lewis Fields, Mt. Comfort & Lewis Ave.
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TimeOuts, Points, Caps, Attendance here

Schedule & Results:
Field Assignments, Matchups here

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  • 2 games per night
  • Round 1: 6:00 PM
  • Round 2: 7:20 PM

  • Teams: here
    Draft was held Friday June 20 ...

    1 Adam Rohde
    2 Andrea Ritchie
    3 Chris Brosh
    4 Dr. Doug Beherend
    5 Jeremiah Thacker
    6 Jessica Turk
    7 Rachael Corley
    8 Ryan Billingsley

    2008 Summer League Costs:
  • $5 discount for all players who register online before 5pm Friday June 13th
    • $15 = Summer League Fee for CURRENT FDA Members
    • $0 = New Players (must be paid FDA members & have never played in a tournament or in a league)
    • $0 = Out of Area/Tulsa (must be paid FDA members & live more than 60 miles from Fay. city limits)
    All participants Must have current FDA Membership to participate in Leagues.
    FDA Membership is an additional $15, and can be paid at the start of league.
    Register here or under Members in the sidebar
    Click to see the list of who has registered successfully!here
    Dog Rules:
    Dogs MUST be leashed and cleaned-up after. ...CLEANED UP AFTER that means you should be prepared to follow your animal with a device to PICKUP the poo!
  • If any player's dog is on the field during a game, the opposing team's captain can give the owner a warning.
  • If the dog is on the field again during that game, the player cannot play the rest of the point, and should use that time to tie his or her dog up or find someone to hold it's leash.
  • The third time the dog is on the field the player cannot play any points in that game until the dog is taken home or securely tied up.

  • What IS League?

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