Summer League 2005

Congratulations to Justin B'Bustin's Yellow Submarine!
Click HERE to see Kellie's photos, and tell her THANKS!
League Final Tournament SATURDAY 8/6
@ WALKER Park, 7th & Block
Quarter Finals @ 10:00 AM

Semi Finals @ 12:00 PM

Finals @ 2:00 PM
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We will go by the stated rules of league:
Players must be PAID and have been present for 5 games to play in tournament.
No substitutions or additions to the roster can be made. {{ Please honor SOTG, both on the field and with players' eligibility. }}
@ WALKER PARK, as of July 12th (map)
June 21 through August 2 (7 weeks)
  • Play 2 games per night
  • Round 1 ~ 6:00 PM w/Time Cap
  • Round 2 ~ 7:20 PMw/Time Cap
  • 5:2 Co-Ed
    Tournament on SATURDAY 8/6

    Things to know about:
  • Dogs MUST be leashed.
  • Dogs MUST be cleaned-up after.

    Click below for more details and informaiton:
  • Game schedule and score reports
  • Team lists
  • Special notice to dogs/owners
  • What IS League?
    Draft was held Wed. June 8th!
    Sorry, if you signed up after 6 pm on the 8th, your name did not make it to the print shop for the captain's "draft list".
    Supplemental drafts are held before each league day, utill July 12th.

    If you want to play but did not get registered before the draft, SHOW UP AT LEAGUE GAMES or contact Liz or Joy.

    If you would like to complete your FDA Membership Profile for our mailing list, phone list, and to register for the suplemental drafts to get assigned to a team .... you can
    here FDA Membership and Summer League REGISTRATION FORM .
    Check here to verify your registration!

    We hope to have this registration interactive for Winter League 2006, so you will be able to update your information in the future! Thank Joel when you see him!)
    Until then, contact Joy to change/update your profile.
    2005 Summer League Costs:
    Must have current paid FDA Membership to participate in Leagues.

  • $10 = Summer League Fee for CURRENT FDA Members IF paid BEFORE the first pull June 21st, $15 Summer League Fees after that!

  • $25 = $15 2005 FDA Membership Dues + $10 Summer League Fees IF paid BEFORE the first pull June 21st, $15 Summer League Fees after that!

  • $0 = New Players w/free 2005 FDA Membership
    {must never have played in a tournament or in a league}

  • $0 = Out of Area/Tulsa with CURRENT FDA Membership, FREE League Fees
    {Out-of-Town players are more than 60 miles from Fayetteville city limits}

    If you have other questions ....
    2004 FDA Officers of the Executive Committee:
    President: Phil Watson - Phone: 479.409.6091
    Vice-President: David Gottschalk - Phone: 479.601.6730
    Treasurer: Jon Bitler - Phone: 479.582.2308
    Public Relations: Joy Endicott - Phone: 479.575.9304
    Tournament Coordinator/Social Chair: Liz O'Connell - Phone: 479.444.7423

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